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Custom Designs


Send your artwork or designs to . We will send a proof of your design after an order has been placed.

About Computer Graphics:

  • Computer Graphics programs store files in one general format:vector.
  • The preferred format is a vector EPS file created from Adobe Illustrator
  • Limit colors to the number of colors you would like to use.
  • Documents created in other programs may incur art charges such as typical bitmap files including: JPG, GIF, TIFF, PIX, PSD, CMX

To avoid artwork charges:

  1. No Bitmap files
  2. Convert fonts to outlines
  3. EPS file format
  4. Send vector images (Adobe Illustrator,) to

If you have questions, our Art Department is more than willing to help you with your needs. Feel free to email any concept work, links or drawings to

Ready to Start?

Custom Design FAQ

How do I create a custom design item?

All you need to do to create a custom design item is submit a drawing of your design, including the color, and size specifications. One of our design specialists will contact you within 5 business days to discuss your design, and then we'll have one of our graphic artists render a comp of your design for your approval. (Note: All draft iterations of designs are the property of Gogo Logo.)

Why won't you create my item with a custom design I submitted?

We reserve the right to decline any custom design that we deem to be a copyright infringement, offensive, sexually explicit, pornography, exploitative, or otherwise inappropriate.

What articles of clothing and accessories can I put my design on?

You can put your design on almost anything! From t-shirts, jackets to shorts and pants, we can make it all. You can even create your own custom handbag and other matching accessories. See our catalog for a full list of customizable items. Once you have decided on an item to put your design on write it down and contact us by phone, email or the contact us tab above.

What is the commission if I allow my design to be made available to others?

Share your custom design with the world. Once you have an approved custom design, if you want to allow other customers to purchase items with your design, giving you a pretty sweet commission, just contact us, and we will send you the necessary legal agreements for your review and signature. Commission rates depend on the items sold, and range from 20% to 30% of profits received from sales of the item.

What if I want to keep my design private?

If you want to keep your custom designs private, then there's nothing more to do. We keep all of our customers' designs private, and only the submitting customer may purchase an item with that design, unless the customer requests that the design be offered for others. So, don't worry, you can be as unique as you want to be! (Note: We are not responsible for verifying the authenticity of your design and do not guarantee that designs submitted by others or those created by Gogo Logo Inc designers will not resemble your design.)
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